Living Arrows 43/52

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. Kahlil Gibran

This week we spent some time in the park   and I was pleasantly surprised with how beautiful it looked.

I’m not going to lie and say Autumn is my favourite time of the year because it’s not. I much prefer sunnier and warmer seasons. There are however a couple of things I love about Autumn and they are roasted chestnuts and the beautiful colours.

The kids had a great time eating delicious roasted chestnuts, collecting leaves, sticks and bark, dancing around amongst the fallen leafs,climbing, running and getting as wet and muddy as humanly possible!

Love, P

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  1. I dont think my littles have ever had roasted chestnuts, I think that’s got to go on our to-do list this year. Gorgeous photos, I love the one of your little lady looking at her leaf xx

  2. oh wow it sounds and looks like the best time! Roasted chestnuts sounds so Christmasy I have never had them #pointshoot

  3. Ooh yes, roasted chestnuts – yummy! Autumn is not my favourite time of year either, but I do like an autumn walk. In SF it’s nice because it still feels a little bit autumnal, with the leaves falling, but the weather doesn’t get cold – best of both – ha ha! I love these pictures, especially the big leaf! x

  4. Oh Autumn is my favourite month, I love the colours and the feel of the season but I understand why others don’t love it as much.

    It looks like such a nice day out x

  5. Well you know that I love all your pictures so much but these for me say winter in a nut shell. Truly stunning! Thanks so much for joining us. Hope to see you next time! #SchoolsOut.

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