Why I’m loving life in my 30’s

When I was in my teens I remember thinking that my 20s would be the best time of my life. Then I entered my 20s and felt pretty underwhelmed. To be honest my early 20s turned out to be filled with self-doubt, anxiety, heartbreak and a general feeling of being unsettled. I was in a foreign country away from my family and felt very homesick most of the time, I was competing  with amazing dancer all the time to get a job, I was working very hard to finish my MA in the day and all night to earn some cash to pay the bills and the long term relationship I was in came to an end.

As I got closer to 30 life just seemed to get better and better. I met my now husband, I decided to become a teacher, I landed an amazing teaching job at an amazing SEN school and I enjoyed travelling to some really amazing destinations. My 30s kicked off with my husband and I tying the knot on a beautiful, sunny, hot Summer’s day, shortly followed by the arrival of our first child and a couple of years later our second child.

Last week I turned 36 and life has never been better. I feel happy, settled and accomplished. I feel I can firmly say that I love being in my 30’s. So here are just a few reasons why I believe life in your 30s is great.

 I love being in my 30’s because…

  • I’m comfortable in my own skin

Long gone are the days I felt I needed to constantly compare myself to others in order to be accepted and frantically tried to fit in. Aside from a couple nightly face masks during the week, my quarrels with appearance have diminished significantly. In my 20’s there was always something that bothered me. My looks, my weight, my clothes, the fact I was foreign… the list goes on. Now that I’m in my mid thirties I can positively say that I am happy and comfortable with who I am and the way I look.

  • I don’t accept crap neither do I give it.

I was as naive as naive can be and I always remember my mum telling me off for it. She always used to have a go at me about believing other people’s lies and getting along with the wrong crowd but the truth is I really believed they were being nice, truthful and above all my friends. Now my ‘crap detector’ is quite sharp I think. I have worked out how to put a stop to people’s bulls**t. I have an opinion and a voice that I can raise whenever I believe it is right to do so. I have the confidence to stand for who I am and what I believe in, even if it is ‘different’ or ‘strange….who cares!

  • I have fewer friends but they are the best friends anyone could wish for.

I have accepted that friends come and go and that I will meet lots of people throughout my life, but I now know that true friendship will last a lifetime even if we don’t see each other for a month, a year or more.

I love my friends and they are very important to me. They are always there for me and I can always be myself and voice my opinions around them. They know me well and always know what to do or say to cheer me up. They are kind, supportive, great listeners and lots of fun to be around. I may not have hundreds of friends but I definitely have THE BEST FRIENDS!

  • I appreciate the small things in life.

Nothing puts things more into perspective than when you become a parent. I became a mother in my early 30s and ever since I have started to appreciate the smaller things in life a lot more than I ever done before. By small things I don’t just mean things that relate to my children but also things like a really good coffee, a nice glass of wine, a beautiful sunrise/sunset and of course a lovely evening spent on the sofa with my husband having a picnic and a chat. Of course very few things beat a big cuddle from my little ones or catching them have a chat and singing whilst playing together.

But the most amazing thing of all is that I AM HAPPY and I love my life!

How do you feel about entering or being in your 30s?

Love, P

Reasons why life in your 30's is amazing!

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  1. Pat, I love this! I can’t say I’m in my 30s anymore as have crept into my 40s and everything you write hear is what I say about being 40 – never have I felt so confident, self-assured and content. No longer do I worry about what others think – I am, for the first time ever, my own person and wouldn’t change it for the world. I so enjoyed reading this and am so glad you’ve reached that point too – love the mention of your crap detector! #triballove xx

  2. Love this Pat. I have to say I am not thrilled to be 36, but for me a lot of that is because I haven’t yet achieved certain things I hoped I would have by now. Hopefully those things will come. #triballove

  3. I love this post… it’s so positive. I can slowly feel myself getting there. I still have a few things I want to fix but like you am gradually feeling more content xx #triballove

  4. I hated turning 30! I was actually 29 for a couple of years while I got used to being in my 30’s! But to be honest the best things have happened in my 30’s – We bought our house, got married and had our daughter! xx

  5. I love this! I just turned 26, and did a post about how odd your 20’s are, and how much anxiety it gives lol. This was the perfect read. It’s going to get better! haha yay!

    Bianca: bdarielle.wordpress.com

  6. Oh my goodness, I could have written this myself. When i turned 30, something just clicked, I felt more reassured, I felt like my life was beginning again (I’d met my now husband, at 31 I had our eldest daughter). It almost felt like I’d been waiting all my 20s to feel like this. Thanks so much for sharing and putting my thoughts down on paper in a much more eloquent way than i could have!

  7. Love this post! I am a loving my thirites gang! Like you, in my 20s I just felt insecure and struggling to establish myself at work. I am now much more confident! Like you I take no crap!

  8. Love this! Feel like I could have written it! My 20s were so similar, and I think if only I’d been able to have the retrospectoscope then and know that I wasn’t the only one. Thank you for sharing this! #stayclassymama

  9. Snap – I also turned 36 last week!!! Happy Birthday! Totally agree that 30’s are easier than 20’s, definitely more comfortable and confident. I cringe when I see photos of myself in my early 20s – I’ve finally mastered makeup (well I’m better than I was!). #StayClassyMama #ablogginggoodtime

  10. I loved reading this I hope that I will be as wise when I’m in my 30’s (2 more years! no far to go for me). I think so far I also learned that standing out isn’t a bad thing… and before I forget Happy belated birthday Patricia #StayClassyMama

  11. I adore this! I am glad you’re so happy and confident. I’m 26 but I am thrilled to hear that life keeps getting better and better- it certainly has so far for me. I totally agree about friends too – having a few amazing friends is so much better than lots of average pals. #ablogginggoodtime

  12. Yay for being in your 30s! I’ve loved my thirties so far (33) – I definitely agree on my friendships getting fewer but closer. The friends I have now I know that we’re close – I have some that I see every week, and others that I see once a year, but they’re all people that are really special to me and that I really value as friends. All the others have fallen by the wayside! (probably due to my crap detector going off!) I love your last point too – there is nothing like having children to really make you appreciate the beauty in all those little things, and I truly think that is the key to happiness. #TheList

  13. It’s great to hear that you are enjoying your 30s. I am also in my 30s and was greatly amused by someone recently who thought I was around 25-30 bless him. #ablogginggoodtime

  14. This is such an empowering post! Loved it. I too found my 30’s to be amazing. 20’s were such a mix of fabulous highs and devastating lows. I married the man of my dreams, had a baby girl, but also lost 3 babies and when I turned 30 I was so sad as I had just lost our third unborn baby months before. As it turned out I fell pregnant again the month I turned 30 and had another amazing healthy daughter, followed by our son a 2 and a half years later. Last month I turned 40 and I feel more empowered and happier than ever. 30’s are such a great decade to learn to truly love yourself. #THELIST

  15. I’ve been wanting to make a post like this for a while now. I feel all the things you do, especially about being happy being yourself. It’s so true that you spend a very long time in your life figuring everything out. Now that I’m 36 also I do feel more settled, more happy, and more “I don’t care how others see me”
    I’m going to share this post because it completely echos my sentiments. Thanks for sharing it!

  16. I love reading your posts, there are so many parallels between your life and mine! 30s scared me at first but now I’m fully embracing them. I too have learnt to scrap the crap and am so much better standing up for myself and not taking any nonsense! #ablogginggoodtime

  17. I turn 29 tomorrow, so I’m not quite in my thirties. But I can really relate to a lot of what you have written, I am already finding I am starting to relax in to my own skin more then I used to. Confidence definitely seems to come with age doesn’t it. x

  18. You k ow I have heard this a lot about being in your 30s, a lot of people have said to me that they seem to ‘know what life’s all about’ when in their 30s. I am knocking on the door of mine and I can say my early 20s were similar to yours. I feel I am getting a bit more content, settled and confident but I’m not quite there yet, so for this part I am looking forward to my 30s. I am pleased to read this and that you feel so content – it’s really lovely to hear xx #stayclassymamma

  19. I hit 30 last year and to be honest, it wasn’t so bad. I always thought the dreaded 30s were where I’d become “over the hill”. I feel happier than I’ve ever been. I’m a little more confident, but I also think that’s due to having my own loving family, something I didn’t have in my 20s. #ablogginggoodtime

  20. I’m much more ‘myself’ in my 30s than I was in my 20s. Like you, I’m more comfortable in my own skin and care less what other people think. I didn’t become a parent until the ripe old age of 32, which felt about right for me – I don’t think I was ready before then because I was still working a lot of things out. I’m still searching for that dream career, though! #DreamTeam

  21. This is seriously great Pat! I actually turn 39 next week and am starting to come to these realizations myself. Although I will admit I still have a problem with comparing myself to others. Hopefully I’ll catch up to your wisdom soon. Thank for sharing your lovely insights with #Dreamteam hope to see you again next week!

  22. Aw this made me kind of emotional. I am in my late 20s and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel : ). I completely agree that as we get older we start to feel more comfortable in our skin. I definitely have become more confident since having a child as well because I feel like I can accomplish anything. I think I am still struggling with the crap bit, I need to sort out who is a true friend and who is not. In a way, the people who have stuck around through my pregnancy and journey into motherhood are seeming like the best ones to keep ; ). I love this post and I am so glad to hear how happy you are! Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

  23. I love this post but I wont lie I have definitely found the 30’s tough!! Probably because I am now a Mummy and I have definitely lost a bit of myself (such a cliche I know) but on the other hand as a Mum I feel the most content and secure. #stayclassy

    1. I really get that though. Sometimes I also feel like I have lost myself in the constant need of my children which is why I started blogging really. Thank you so much for reading and your lovely comment.

  24. I feel pretty good being in my 30’s now. I mean I still have many things I want to achieve, finding a long-term partner, having my own place to live, better job. But similar to many of the things you have said, I don’t have a giant circle of friends, but I have very close friends. My two best friends are very important to me and I don’t bother myself with people I don’t sense I will ever be able to get along with. I do joke that being in my 30’s is a slog but really it isn’t. I am more focused now than I have ever been so long may it continue. Nice to hear you are happy in your 30’s #DreamTeam

  25. Completely agree with this, my 30s have brought with them confidence in myself, acceptance of myself and I’m loving them. Great post! Glad you are enjoying yours too 🙂 x

  26. This is all so true. I finally know who I am and what’s important. If I could go back in time I’d tell teenage me to learn to love herself sooner. But I definitely do now. #StayClassyMama

  27. I’m turning 29 next week and have just started a post exactly like this! I’ve never felt more confident and at ease in myself. This is so eloquently put, I love it! #stayclassymama

  28. Just wait till you get to your 40’s! I totally agree with everything you say here. My 20’s a bit of a blur of depression and trying to keep up with the cool crowd and being let down by so called friends, who I kept forgiving. But now I only have people in my life who I really value and who really value me. I don’t have time for anyone who doesn’t really rate me, and I feel so confident and happy with who I am. And so blessed to have three amazing children and a great husband. #StayClassyMama

  29. I think I have changed since having kids and am now much happier #stayclassymama

  30. I must agree, the thirties are an empowering decade! Despite the fact that I could never remember exactly which 30-ish I was, I grew a backbone, a voice, and found the volume on the internal crtical self and crushed it down low! The thirties were growth and self understanding, and a no-bullshit time for me. They were my coming of age! Brilliant! #stayclassymama <3

  31. I too am loving my 30s. I’m turning 36 this year and I feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin the older I’m getting. It’s great!

  32. This is so so amazing! I just turned 29 and am fully ready for my thirties as I am reaching some of the stages you mention above… more comfortable with who I am and in my family; we gently got married, are looking to try for another baby and buy a house! My job is becoming more promising so I have no doubt that in a few years I will be happy in that too! Bring on the 30’s!!! #stayclassymama

  33. My friends who are in their 40’s (like me) are forever saying it’s the best decade as you let go of all the angst. Whilst this is true in some ways, I can honestly say I literally hate being in my 40’s so yes I’d have to agree 30’s are a great decade and in fact you’re at the age that I wish I could be stuck at. 36 was a good age. #stayclassymama

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