A few things I discovered since I started blogging

One day amidst the warm winter sun that poured in through the window I decided to start a blog. I’m not sure exactly why I decided to do it because I never really thought of myself as a writer (still don’t) but somehow it felt right. After a year of doing nothing else but love and care for my children’s every need I felt the needed to do something for myself. I needed a challenge. So why not start a blog? I can just create content in my own time and post it when I feel like it and really who cares if no one reads it? It’s just for fun.


Turns out I want people to read my posts, I want people to engage with me through my blog, I want people’s feedback and most importantly I want people to come back because they enjoy reading it.


Blogging has been a rollercoaster of learning, discovery, self growth and an overflow of emotions that can go from pure excitement to feeling completely disheartened in a heart beat.

The purpose of this post is not to focus on all the technical things that I have discovered (the list is never ending and ever growing) but rather I want to focus on some more personal discoveries that I made during my short time as a blogger – if I can even call myself that. Feels strange writing it down and saying it out loud!

I’m still very new to this world of blogging but there are a few things that I have discovered since starting White Camellias and for which I am very grateful.

Since I started blogging I discovered…

A love for photography

I am not a professional photographer and I never wanted to be, however since I started blogging I have also started taking more photographs and the more photographs I took the more in love I became with photography. I love photographing my children, my city, my outfits and anything else that inspires me. My camera and my phone have become my best friends and I can be seen with one around my neck and the other in hand most days. I’m also very flattered by how kind and complementary people are about my photographs. Since I started blogging I have had my photographs featured in photography linkys, Instagram communities and been approached by brands about using my photographs. I was also awarded the #tribalchat photography award (thank you ladies). This has really boosted my confidence and encouraged me to start my own Instagram community #WorldOfLittles which has been accepted really well and welcomes new members every day.

If you love photography too or would just like to improve your skills, check out my non technical photography tips and how I use my iphone to take great photos

My tribe

Now this is one of the best parts about starting my blog. If I didn’t have a blog I would definitely not be surfing the waves of social media and it was precisely when I first joined twitter that I stumbled upon people chatting under the hashtag #tribalchat. What’s a girl to do when she spots something fun? That’s right, join in. So I did and met the most amazing and supportive group of people. We chat day and night, no question is ever too dumb, we celebrate each others achievements and give each other advice. I consider them my true friends and one day I hope to meet them in person. Now, if you would like to find out more about our #tribe you must head over to Katie’s blog aka Mummy in a Tutu. She is the person behind this amazing #tribe and if it wasn’t for her vision, kindness and support this #tribe would surely not exist.

Trust my gut

In the past, the only times I’ve regretted a decision I’ve made have been because I didn’t listen to what my gut was telling me. Having a blog and a social media presence means that you’re exposing yourself, willingly, to the thoughts and opinions of other people on a regular basis. Most of the time that is a wonderful thing. But sometimes it’s not. Those are the times when you have to cling to the fact that you know something is true/right/accurate for you.

It’s overwhelming

Blogging is hard work and sucks up all of my spare time, which is all I have to give at the moment as my children take centre stage in my life and still need mummy’s undivided attention when they are with me. When I started I thought I could just write something, hit publish and wait for people to find it and read it. I WAS SO WRONG! That is not at all how blogging works. You hit publish and them the real work begins. You share on social media, you join linkys, you read and comment on other bloggers posts, you reply to comments on your posts and make sure you are active on all social media channels. It is a full time job. 

Time away from my computer and phone is absolutely necessary

As I said before there is always something to do once you become a blogger. If it’s not writing and publishing your content then its answering emails, submitting content to other blogs and publications, reading, commenting, social media, etc, etc. But life is not lived online and I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, and trust me they are probably a little bit fed up of my phone beeping every 5 seconds or me taking pictures and writing notes constantly. I love it but time off is also important to recharge, gain perspective and mainly just enjoy life as it happens.

What has your blogging journey been like? What things do you love and which do you hate? How has blogging change you?

Drop me a comment below. I would love to read your experience.

Love, P


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  1. This is fab. I’m with you on so many points, like imagining that you can just publish and magic readers will appear. It is absolutely a full time job and I’ve realised that this is because your blog is your brand, it’s a part of you and so every aspect of your life feeds into generating more material and keeping it rolling forward. Thank goodness for the tribe, hey! Oh and your photography skills are incredible, I love seeing a new photo from you pop up in my Instagram feed *runs off to check* xx

  2. You’re right, it does seem sometimes like a full time job; and that’s exactly why it’s always good to take a break! I imagine if you knew then what you know now, you wouldn’t have started – I probably wouldn’t – but it’s an addictive hobby!

  3. Being a real newbie I had no idea the world I was entering. I can’t believe how amazing it has been and some of the people I would never have met if it wasn’t for the Internet. There are some amazing and supportive people out there but yes I had no idea how much time would be involved. In saying that I like the time it takes but I am learning to make sure I step away so the husband doesn’t feel like he has completely lost me!

  4. I’m so glad you joined the blogging world and the tribe! You definitely are a well loved member!
    This really is a lovely list!
    Sadly the one thing I miss most about blogging is pictures, and I’ve always had a love for photography so it’s a shame that I can’t join in.
    Hopefully the tribe will have one big massive takeover of a place Slash country 😉 xxx #TribalLove

  5. I think everyone I’ve ever spoken to has started their blog and not been bothered who reads it initially but it quickly becomes all about the stats and then engulfs your whole life doesn’t it! Your blog is beautiful though – I adore the clean design of it #triballove

  6. Pat I adore this post – so much of what you say I agree with. I love the facts at you write – you write with such an honesty that I love to read. I hope we meet one day too – I love the friends I have made but I also love your point of switching off – it’s vital xx

  7. Totally relate to it feeling like a full time job! And needing to switch off. I have an active foodie instagram and my friends/ family know I’ll want to take pics of my food if we go out for a meal, but I’m not allowed to instagram/ tweet it there and then because it’s really rude to ignore the real people I’m with!

  8. Great post and this resonates to me a lot. Sometimes I find myself full of ideas and blogging all the time, other weeks I have no inspiration and find it a chore. Blogging has brought so much to my life though, it’s nice to say finally that I have a hobby. It’s a great feeling. I’ve always wanted to write and the fact that people are reading my pieces is just one of the most amazing things. #stayclassy

  9. This is absolutely wonderful, and definitely the TRUTH. I, too, have discovered my love of photography through blogging and, while I still need loads of practice, I just adore capturing those snapshots of life. Blogging is so much more time consuming than I could’ve ever imagined, but I love it more than I thought I would as well! Thanks so much for sharing <3 #StayClassyMama

  10. I agree that the tribe has been key to my blogging journey – connecting with other like-minded bloggers is so important. It’s also really important to take time away from the computer, as you say. I’m working on tearing myself away from my laptop a bit more so I can actually interact with my husband and child – I wouldn’t have any blog content without them anyway! #ablogginggoodtime

  11. This post definitely resonates with me. When I started blogging, I had no idea just how involved I would get with other bloggers. I’m really enjoying this aspect. When I first became a part of linkys, they seemed daunting, but you soon get into your stride, don’t you? Thank you for sharing your thoughts – it’s good to hear other people’s experiences. Alison x #ablogginggoodtime

  12. Cor blimey, this really resonated with me from start to finish! Blogging has certainly been an Everestly steep learning curve for me but something I really really enjoy. I love being my own editor. I thought your ‘trust your gut’ part was really on point. I felt like I just couldn’t post a blog after the E.U Ref and ummed and arrred about what to do in the end I went with my gut and just posted a photo (not something I usually do). I also agree about time away from it, I relish my non computer time. #stayclassymama

  13. I felt the same when I started blogging…I’ll just post when I like, it’ll be a lovely hobby. It changed so quickly like it has for you!! There are so many positives from blogging and I feel really lucky to have met he lovely tribe – the support really makes all the difference. And, although I’m not sure if I ever told you this, but you were the first blogger to ever ‘like’ my first post so there’s always a special place for you 🙂 It’s wonderful to read about your experiences xx #ablogginggoodtime

  14. Yeah, I definitely agree with you on so many points! I hate that I’ve gotten so addicted to it and now all of a sudden I am really invested in people reading my posts, but luckily I have recently found a way to balance it a little better! The only thing is I lost my interest in photography, haha! I used to love it, and am known as the photographer in my family…but I just don’t think they are as nice as everyone else haha! I am constantly jealous of everyone who lives close enough to a beach for beach pics! Lucy xx #triballove

  15. I agree with so much of what you’ve said here! It’s funny that the actual writing of blog posts is the quick bit, eh?! I am still quite relaxed about mine as I just don’t feel like I want to spend the time it would need to put in to see it grow but I am enjoying it and love ‘meeting’ other bloggers. The tribe is amazing! Your photos are just beautiful and I think you can definitely consider yourself a photographer. #ablogginggoodtime

  16. Ahh what wonderful things to have gained and learnt from blogging, apart from photography (ahem, I’m in the needs improvement camp!) I can definitely relate to all of the points. I love blogging, I also love stepping away from the world of it from time to time. But I don’t think I’ll ever stop writing now I’ve started. #ablogginggoodtime

  17. I’m permanently behind responding to comments – I just can’t keep on top of it lately and it’s the bane of my life! There needs to be more hours in the day! #ablogginggoodtime

  18. I agree with you on so many points. I started this project thinking it would be easy. I had no idea of how to use twitter and other social media. I even thought it was stupid. All the prejudices were so wrong. But we still love blogging whatever it means. I would love to join tribal chat but it’s at the time where my baby goes to bed and we have dinner. the only moment I can spend some quality time with the other one… maybe one day #stayclassymama

  19. I have been blogging just over 6 months and it has totally sucked me in, I love it! Your right the ‘to do’ list never ends, you could just keep going and going, so it’s important to take time away from it. I have added your Instagram hashtag to my list and will be joining in. I haven’t heard of Tribal Chat it sounds fab, I need some blogging friends and off to check it out. Really useful post thank you for sharing x #TheList

  20. It’s easy to get sucked into. I will admit that I spend way too much time at the computer and that I’m a bit too preoccupied with my stats. Its really hard to to understand the time commitment to making a real go at it to those that don’t blog #bloggingoodtime

  21. Hi there – I found you through @youbabymemummy The List #96. I’ve just started blogging and you’re absolutely right – it is a full time job. I thought it was all about the content, but I’m finding out the promotion takes even longer! Now I just need to get off Instagram!

  22. This was exactly me! I thought I’d start a blog for fun, keep it as a bit of a diary type affair, just casual, bit of fun…nope! I mean don’t get me wrong it IS fun and I love it but it is not casual and it is a little bit addictive and I don’t think I realised how involved it would be and now, like you, I want people to read my posts and comment on them and like them! What have we gotten ourselves into?! 🙂
    Your blog is amazing by the way, such gorgeous photo’s! x

  23. I never used Twitter before starting my blog either. It’s quickly become my favorite form of social media. I love being able to connect with other bloggers, share posts, and get involved in linkys. I have been really surprised at how much I enjoy everything that happens after you hit “publish.” #StayClassyMama

  24. Great post. So many helpful tips, thank you. I agree with the one about taking time out from blogging life. I think us bloggers have to be pretty organised so blogging doesn’t taken over day to day life! I know I’ve become more confident and my blog has grown. You can’t assume people don’t want to read your blog and never post things. You just have to do it and most of the time the response is pretty nice! The networks, gangs, friendships and clubs are so important in blogging especially when you need a little praise about what a great blog-job you’re doing.

  25. Blogging, much like art, requires you living to have something to bring to the table. Without the life part, there are no tales to tell! Thanks for a great post! #stayclassymama

  26. I know exactly what you mean – I can see how if you got around to do everything little thing you wanted it would be like a full time job! If you could dedicate enough time to social media/commenting etc – the work is potentially endless! Great post thanks for sharing #stayclassymama

  27. Blogging has made me realize that I really need to improve my photos. I love blogging and am still finding my feet a bit. I have never been part of a #tribe, will definitely have to look into that x

  28. Love this. I’m glad you found the tribe too! Everyone is so supportive and lovely. I’d have given up without it. #triballove

  29. I totally see my life in what you write here. Trough blogging I discovered a passion for photography too, the more I used images the more I wanted them to be my own or my hubby’s pics.

  30. Well I am sure that you know that I LOVE blogging. Although I am finding it hard to balance life and blogging at the moment. However, it still is a massive source of comfort and a big creative outlet for me! I love it. Blogging rocks. #bigpinklink

  31. I relate to so much of this. Also love taking photographs and find it so hard not to let my blog overtake everything. it’s almost like another tribe. But there are definitely so many positives too – so many new friends and so much support 🙂 #bigpinklink

  32. Lovely post. I adore all your points. Blogging can take over your life, and it’s important for downtime. Joining the tribal clan has been a great experience talking to like minded people who are all so passionate about their blogs. It’s amazing!
    #triballove xx

  33. I agree 100% with everything in this post – blogging has become like a fulltime job and I’m currently on mat leave for a part-time job! I do really love it but like you said, the kids come first! …I do need to join the tribe chat though 🙂

  34. I was so the same initally I didn’t want anyone to read it … Lol. That all changed and i have embraced social media full on. I like the sound of your #tribalchat will be heading over to scope it out 🙂 #BigPinkLink xx

  35. I love this! As someone who has just started out its nice to read exactly how I feel as sometimes it can feel like I am the only one! Promoting is definitely hard but because I believe in what I do & im so passionate about my content it will be worth the hard work eventually. Thankyou for speaking so honestly as I think newbies can go into this blinded (like me) and not realise the writing part is the easy bit!

  36. It’s all true Pat. And I think, personally for me it’s kind of addictive. I’m enjoying it so much that sometimes I think I’m addicted. But I learn so much on a daily basis, make friends, and I’d be utterly bored without it! #stayclassymama

  37. Great post. Though I get so intimidated when I read about other bloggers, because the time social media requires scares me. I don’t think I’ll ever be successful, because I just don’t know how to put in that social media effort!

  38. I love writing my poems and getting an audience. I also love writing more and refining my craft. The blogging stuff, business stuff I will try to do more of. #StayClassyMama

  39. Yep! Totally agree, but I just love it. Despite it sapping all my free time, despite my brain constantly going at a rate I can’t keep up with. I don’t know what it is, but it’s amazing! xx #stayclassymama

  40. Yes to time away to have a breather and clear your head is vital. Also agree with listening to your gut, think more confident you are and the longer you become a blogger you hear your voice more X #stayclassymama

  41. Yes. This. Every little bit! I randomly started blogging (and I often ask myself why because I’m not a spontaneous person at all and yet for the first time in my life, I just jumped in without a clue!) and have learnt so much. I don’t have a a “tribe” but there are lots of fellow bloggers that I am friends with. I’ve also discovered a love of photography (although I still only use my phone). #stayclassymama

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