Porto Open House: Porto de Leixões Cruise Terminal

One of the things you might not know about me is that I am an architecture lover and if it wasn’t for my even bigger love for dance I would have certainly followed that path professionally. That said, when I heard that Porto was going to open some of it’s architectural gems to the public I was most excited.

Porto Open House took place this weekend and the public was invited to explore some of Porto’s most extraordinary buildings. There were around 50 building to choose from but as we had two kids in tow and only one free day we decided to visit Porto de Leixões Cruise Terminal.



The new cruise terminal marks the sea front of Matosinhos with great architectural impact and a bold program: a new cruise dock, recreational marina, open air auditorium in the roof and also the Sea department of the University of Porto, with aquariums, in the submerged part. It’s design is exquisite and full of winding spaces that resemble a white ribbon wrapping around Leixões wharf. It was designed by Luís Pedro Silva in 2014.

As much as I wanted to have explored all the amazing spaces this amazing building had to offer I was slightly constricted by the needs of my children that were having a blast enjoying the beautiful views and playing hide and seek in the glass alcoves.

The view were extraordinary and breathtaking. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and would love to go back to explore more. There is only next year…

Love, P

You Baby Me Mummy

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