Fit Style: Sportswear Everywhere

Since I became a stay at home mother (sahm) to my two lovely children, sportswear has no doubt become daily wear for me, with or without the gym. Now, as a style conscious mother or 2 that I am, I try to put together my workout outfits in a way that won’t look like I’ve just rolled out of bed so I can easily wear my workout outfit to do the school runs, run errands and go for coffee while still feeling comfortable and presentable.

To make my workout outfits look more put together I tend to wear them with a leather/denim jacket or oversized knits.

Here’s some great sportswear looks to get you inspired.

*Source: Pintrest; The Blond Salad; Harper & Harley; Sweaty Betty

Love, P

Two Tiny Hands

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  1. I really love the style, all my Fitmums wear like this at my exercise class. I don’t have the confidence to carry it off. I’m there in baggy shorts and a tshirt! It’s funny though, I’ll wear Lycra on s bike ride though!! Thanks for sharing with #abrandnewday

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