The MAD blog awards 2016

 My first blog makes me feel just like I did when I was set up on a blind date with my husband. Anxious, excited and with butterflies on my stomach.

5 months ago I started this blog and had no idea how extraordinary, challenging, emotional and utterly rewarding it would be.

For a long time I kept it a secret feeling slightly embarrassed and out of my depth. Suddenly, White Camellias started generating interest and people started to comment, read and follow.

Now, as you can imagine all of this support just made me feel amazing and brave enough to start sharing my posts with friends and on social media. Since that day, White Camellias has been growing a little every day and I have discovered some really amazing blogs and met some amazing, kind and supportive people through the blogosphere.

The MAD (mum and dad) blog awards are run by TOTS 100 and its designed to showcase the range and quality of content being generated by UK parent blogs.

The nominations are now open for the MAD blog awards 2016 and will close on the 8/4/2016.

I would be eternally grateful to you if you would like to nominate my blog for the category of Best New Blog. It’s very easy to nominate, you just need to enter your email address and then nominate the best blog of the year (the best of the best already around for some time). My recommendation would be:

Then at the end of the form under Best New Blog enter the URL for my blog which is

Nominate me for BEST NEW BLOG!

There are lots of amazing new blogs out there so if you would prefer to nominate another blog, here are some of my favourite:

Once again I would like to thank everyone that reads, shares, comments and follow White Camellias. You guys are amazing, supportive and kind.

Love, P

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  1. Aaah good luck! Your blog is lovely, and you are a really great writer. I would love to nominate you for a Writer award. Great recommendations as well. : ) Thanks for linking up with #StayClassy!

  2. Aw best of luck with new blog 🙂 I did not realise you had only been blogging for 5 months, its really a journey isn’t it?!! Very good of you to make other suggestions as well, much better than my blatant begging! Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again next week x

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