Weekend casual

I normally spend my weekends doing a lot of running around either catching up with family and friends, running errands, hanging out with my husband and kids or working on the blog. Therefore I am all about wearing understated and comfortable clothes on the weekend.

As a SAHM (stay at home mother) this is also a typical mummy uniform for me when I have no important dates or appointments to attend to. It’s so simple to put together that it’s my go to every time I need to rush out of the door without waisting time thinking about what to wear. My wardrobe is pretty neutral which also makes mixing and matching easy.
What is your go to tried and tested weekend uniform?

Love, P

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  1. Well since I’m in the last stretch of my 5th pregnancy my go to even though it’s colder out is a summer sun dress paired with a cardigan and wool socks that’s while I’m in the house if I have to go out my pregnancy jeans and a sweater work.

    1. That sounds like a good combo. 5th child!?! That is pretty cool. I only have too but keep debating if I should have more. But that’s a conversation for another time πŸ™‚

  2. great! love mummy uniform posts I too have a mummy uniform with an attempt at being stylish…
    my weekend wear is boyfriend jeans, trainers ‘stans’ or ‘allstars’ and a plain or logo t shirt x #billblogpost

  3. Pretty much my ‘uniform’ too! πŸ™‚ Although currently wearing some second hand (charity shop) lace up Ecco boots as dog walking is wet and muddy still right now!! Bring on the warmer months!

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