6 Key pieces every woman’s wardrobe needs

I love new trends but, let’s be honest, some trends will be very fashionable one season but will not withstand the test of time! Therefore, I believe there are some key pieces that should feature in every woman’s wardrobe in order to make it functional and versatile. These are my top six pieces.

1. A black blazer

It is definitely a must and it can be worn in an array of ways. I wear mine all the time, either with a pair of jeans or over a dress. The key to pick the perfect blazer is to make sure it fits your body well (shoulders, waist and length). It should be flattering and enhance your figure.

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2. A white shirt

A white shirt is timeless and the ultimate wardrobe staple! I like both the classic crisp Oxford white as well as more modern versions. Whichever cut or length you choose, the possibilities to style it up or down are truly endless.

Picture 1; Picture 2;

Picture 3

3. A flattering pair of jeans

A pair of jeans is indispensable in anyone’s wardrobe. My favourite pair and the ones I think suit me best are the skinny jeans. I wear jeans most days and I find them the most versatile and comfortable piece of clothing I own. I like them in blue denim, black and grey.

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4. A white t-shirt

A white t-shirt is a must in any wardrobe. I wear my white t-shirts with jeans or shorts for a more casual look or team it with a nice pleated skirt for dinner with friends or date night.

Picture 1; Picture 2

5. A leather jacket

I love my leather jacket and wear it with lots of different outfits and for all sorts of occasions. I wear it over my gym clothes, with jeans, dresses and skirts. I have owned my leather jacket for quite a few years now and hopefully it will last many more! I suggest you invest in a clean and classic leather jacket to make it timeless and easy to wear.

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6. A Great coat

A really good winter coat that you can throw over any outfit is a must have. I like mine in neutral tones.

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What about you? What are your wardrobe staples?


Love, P


6 Must have wardrobe essentials


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  1. I absolutely love coats, and have a huge collection! My favourite season is Autumn, and I am usually looking forward to getting my coats back out, by the time summer has finished! Now I’m not working, and we have to budget, I search the charity shops for coats, and was very pleased with myself last week for finding a beautiful Coast coat for £15! I do have a blazer too, which I also love! I can’t really do skinny jeans anymore, as my mum tum won’t allow…! But harem pants have become a big staple for me now!! I also have a thing for brogues, and have quite a few pairs!!
    Every wardrobe needs a few great staples! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink!

  2. I actually don’t own any of these items… I’d better get shopping! I really do fancy a good black blazer to see my though all seasons…
    I think I’ll add all of the items to my pinterest shopping list!

  3. Love your list! Also found this randomly on stumble upon. I realized I have a black blazer and never wear it. Will have to bring it back out!#TribalLove

  4. I totally agree with all of these! I basic white t and comfortable jeans are a major key because you can easily dress it up and dress it down for any occasion!


  5. Love this post! The black blazer and great fitting jeans are definately a top 2 in my books, blazers can be worn so many ways nowadays from party-ready to throwing on with a beat up vintage band tee and distressed shorts during the Spring or early Summer!

  6. I LOVEEE the post ¡¡!!!!
    In my closet, there are 4 of the 6 items. The most recent acquisition was the leather jacket.
    And the coat is between my eyes, but I’m going to take advantage of the end-of-season sale to buy one

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