Top Tips for flying with young children

Our children started travelling with us when they were only a few weeks old. Having family spread across the world (Porto, London, USA) means that we take regular plane trips to see them and the holiday season is no exception. Every year we spend Christmas either in London (where my husband’s parents live) or Porto (where my parents live). This year, we are going to spend Christmas in London and New Year’s in Porto.

As we get ready for yet another plane trip with our little angels, I thought I would share with you, some of my top tips for making the whole experience as smooth an stress free as possible.


Flight times

Where possible, make sure the flight times you choose don’t interfere too much with your child’s routine. If you are going on a long haul flight try to travel at night time to coincide with your child’s bed time.

 Bring lots of food

Hungry children are not happy children. Bring plenty of snacks and food for them in case they don’t want to eat the plane food and to keep them busy. Also, i always take a lollipop to give my kids when we are ready to land so that it helps with the pressure in their ears.

Plenty of entertainment

There is nothing worse for young children than to be confined to a chair for a number of hours so, you need to make sure you have plenty of things to keep them entertained. I normally take a couple of books to read, some toys to keep them amused (cars, puzzle games and a few pieces of lego) and my laptop with their favourite cartoons on (as a last resort).

Board early?

Some airlines allow for families with small children to board the plane before everyone else. The question is, should you board early or wait until the last minute? Some people prefer to board early so they can find storage for their hand luggage and settle their children. Others, let their children run around outside as long as possible before they board in the hope the children will be less helpless by the time the plane takes off. Personally, if I’m travelling with my husband, he will board early with the luggage and I stay behind with the kids or vice versa. If I travel alone them i will board early because it will give me more time to get things ready before we take off.

Lastly, don’t forget their favourite teddy/blanket/comforter as it will help them relax, feel more comfortable and sleep better. Also, take your baby sling/carrier to carry the little ones until you get your pushchair.

Happy travels.

Love, P

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  1. we travelled loads before DD started school, when we could travel when it was affordable, and by far the most important thing for us was the puzzle books and paper and more paper and pencils and crayons and more and more. it’s all about knowing your kids and what works for them. I love your list

  2. We have just flown an 11 hours flight from London to Bangkok. Luckily they have kiddy film. My 5 yrs old was happy with that but my 23 mths old was a little too unsettle. We have to keep her entertain by other means. Great post! I am pinning this under “Travel”. Thank you for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

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