Micro Trend Alert: Chain Belts

I just love the way fashion trends are cyclical and how in this day and age nothing is ever out of fashion! (I realise this is quite a big statement but I truly believe it to be true)

All that was trendy in the Eighties, Nineties and early Aughts is in the midst of a revival right now and I couldn’t be happier mostly because I’m not sure I was able to pull off some of these trends when I was a teenager and I’m looking forward to give them another go as a grown up woman. Styling is key to looking on trend and to give old clothes a fresh feel so I’m excited to give chain belts another go.

If like me you were a teen in the 90’s (late 90’s early 00’s was when the trend was all the rage really) you probably owned at least a chain belt. I know I did and I loved it. I remember wearing it with my jeans and trousers in an attempt to imitate Kate Moss’s style whom was a big style influence for me then (still is if I’m honest).

Here’s a little blast from the past to revive your memory…

chanel vintage chain belt runway inspo

Chanel spring 1994 runway inspo chain belts

chain belt chanel 90's runway inspo

Chances are you haven’t worn or even thought about wearing a chain belt for quite a while (me probably 2002!) but lately they keep creeping up here and there and ever since I saw that Zara stocked a couple this season that I just can’t get them out of my head! (Zara chain belt I have in my basket as I type this post.)

They were all over the autumn/winter 2018 runways from Chanel to Versage and Luis Vuitton. Definitely not as big as animal print but certainly a great autumn/winter 2018 micro trend.

Now, of course one should see chain belts as an embellishment rather than a practical belts as, if I remember right, they did little to keep my pants up… Alas, they look good and sure will update and elevate your outfits. Chain belts are very versatile and work with a variety of outfits but I particularly like seeing them used with more plain/basic combinations.

Below I have collated some inspo from around Pinterest and instagram and as always you can shop my picks of chain belts at the very end of this post. Keep scrolling…

white dress and chain belt

chain belt, tartan trousers, white shirt

Chain belt, faux fur coat

black dress and chain belt

Flare black trousers, chain belt, check blouse

all black and chain belt

chain belt, jeans and stripy jumper

Shop the post:

So, what do you think? Are you on board with this micro trend blast from the past?

Love, P

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  1. That’s not a bad trend to come back, though I don’t have the waist I used to, so won’t be taking at trip back in time with this one!! #StayClassyMama

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