Every Apartment Deserves and Needs A Personal Space

If you’ve ever watched a sitcom where the backdrop is NYC (and, let’s be honest, of course you have), then you’ll have noticed a trend: every single one of them features roommates. It’s part and parcel of big city life because, whether you call the Big Apple home or any other city, sharing a space is pretty much the only way you can afford the rent.

The sitcom side of things show nothing but bliss, hilarity and beautiful chaos, and they’re not wrong. But what they tend to skip over is the personal space issue. There are no two ways about it, when you’re living in a small apartment with two/three/four others (delete accordingly), having your own space can be pretty hard to come by.

So, in an attempt to restore some of your independence, we’ve come up with some top tips to make living with others a whole lot better:

Dividing Up A Room

Most people are lucky enough to have their own bedroom, which means they have that personal space to hide in when they need some peace and quiet. That said, being stuck in a small bedroom isn’t everyone’s idea of enjoying a space. That’s where a room division can work wonders. You could put up a curtain that draws across at a moment’s notice. You could speak to a window film installation company about tinting an old glass partition you found at a reclaim place, you could put up some bookshelves to create the illusion of separation, or even just pop a few tall plants down. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Make Your Bed Yours

It doesn’t matter how many people you share with or how much you get on top of each other, there is always one space that is absolutely yours: your bed. So make it comfortable. Invest in some amazing sheets, buy that duvet set you keep saying is too expensive, make your bedside table a little piece of your, pop books on the bookshelf above your headboard and basically just make your bed the coziest place on earth. Even if you share your bedroom, or live in one of those big open lofts, the space that is your mattress is all yours. Make that fact sing.

Create A Couple Of Nooks

Unless you live in an old Danish windmill (which, in a city, is quite unlikely), your apartment is going to have corners and, more than that, some unused corners. Well, if your roommates are up for it, then why not make something out of these forgotten spaces. Put up a couple of ikea bookshelves, a floor standing lamp and a chair and create a reading nook, or attach a hanging chair to the corner that you can climb into and relax, or maybe even a couple of them, or a hammock, something that will provide you with a) some fun and b) the perfect chill-out space where you and a roomie can chinwag. Creating a more personal space doesn’t have to be completely private or separate; it’s just a matter of realising this.

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 **This is a collaborative post. For more information please head over to my disclosure page.

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