Dress For Success, Not Stress

The clothes we wear have a big impact on our mood. Some of us force ourselves to wear clothing that is uncomfortable due to it being trendy. We may even wear clothing that makes us feel insecure in the belief that we look more stylish. I’m definitely not an apologist of that and instead I’m a great believer that you should always feel comfortable in your own clothes. Here are some tips for boosting confidence with your clothing, rather than encouraging stress.

Take a break from tight clothing

Tight pants, spanx and skinny jeans are all the rage nowadays – God knows I’m a lover of a great pair of skinny jeans and anything that can suck in my waist. However, such clothes aren’t healthy for us. What? I hear you say. Research suggests that most of us wear clothing that’s three inches too small for our waist! Along with causing physical discomfort, this can cause long term damage to our digestion and blood flow. 

If you feel you’re constantly forcing yourself to wear tight clothing, it could be time to take a break and embrace looser clothing. Online retailers out there such as City Chic online have lots of loose clothing to choose from that can look flattering on those with a larger figure. Too many people think loose means wearing ugly baggy clothing, which doesn’t have to be the case. 

Fall in love with flats

An alarming amount of people still wear heels on a daily basis to work. Heels can make us look taller, more powerful and sexier, but they’re not good for us physically. In the short term they can cause blisters and achy toes, whilst in the long run they can cause damage to the hips, knees and back. Wearing them on the odd occasion won’t cause this long-term harm, but wearing them every day will.

As sites like Women’s Health show, there are lots of ways to wear flats and still look stylish. Get inspired and give flat shoes and trainers a go. Your body will thank you later.

Show off your assets 

We should all be embracing and showing off our assets instead focusing on masking the things we are not so proud of. By bringing the attention to the parts of your body you are proud of will automatically detract from the bits you don’t like so much.  Something as simple as the colour in our eyes can be brought out just by wearing a certain colour. For example, blue clothing can bring out blue eyes, whilst burgundy and dark red are great for bringing out brown eyes.

Don’t be pressured by others

Trying to dress the way your friends do (or even worse letting a friend or partner dictate what you wear) may cause you to feel insecure. The clothing may be too alternative, too colourful, too revealing or simply just not your style. With the exceptions of uniforms and dress codes, there’s no reason to ever dress a specific way to impress someone else. Try to find your own individual style that makes you happy. Doing this is a massive challenge and something only achievable by trial and error but once you find your personal style everything else starts falling into place. You will feel more confident, more stylish, more you.

Love, P




**This is a collaborative post. Head over to my disclosure page for more details.

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  1. It would never have occured to me that tight clothes are that bad for you, however, since being pregnant I’ve not been able to wear jeans for a full day, despite having lost so much weight that I’m two stone lighter than i was pre-pregnancy! I just enjoy stretchy comfy clothes or a dress instead! Must admit I’m a sucker for heels tho, I am too short! Although I’m either in heels or bare feet!

  2. I think it’s as easy to get caught up with someone else’s style as it is to forget that you might once have had your own! Mine is generally stretchy right now! #stayclassymama

  3. Style is very personal. I will admit I’m not very “stylish” but I do like to look good. And I’ve never been one to wear heels for a full day. I would die!! It’s great to read the “whys” of style, and how to get around some of the trends (like super tight clothes!)

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