Beautiful and Stylish Coffee Table Books for your Home

A room without books is like a body without a soul. – Marcus Tullius CiceroI

I always loved collecting and reading books. I find them an infinite source of inspiration and wonder. Funnily enough my husband is just the same and together we have quite a library. But my books don’t limit themselves to live on the shelf. Oh no! That would be a shame.

I love hanging in the kids living/play room most of the time, but my favorite space is probably the “grown up” living room 😍🤗 & our joovy room2 playard sure comes in handy for the kids to play in – especially when this mama wants more couch space to relax on! ___________________________________________ I survived my first two-a-day yesterday! Although it felt great to be back in the gym and getting my life together lol – I will admit I’m tired as hell😭 …but today is day two, so here goes nothing! ___________________________________________ How is your week going so far?! ___________________________________________ #itsonlytuesday #twoadays #whitedecor #neutralhome #neutraldecor #amiskinnyyet #livingroom #familyroom #mysweetvignette #livingroomdecor #coffeetable #coffeetabledecor #coffeetablebooks #totallyflatlaytuesday #louisvuitton #scrabble #monopoly #fauxflowers #flowers #flowerarrangement

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Coffee table books are perfect to showcase your interests and are a stylish addition to any home. Most of mine are about art, photography and fashion (because that’s what I’m most interested in) and I like to display them proudly around my house as if they are works of art (indeed some of them are so beautiful they may as well be).

You might place a few books on your coffee table with a vase of flowers next to it, or put a few on your dresser and place a candle on top. They even look good on bedside tables or simply piled up on the floor next to a lovely chair.

I have rounded up some of my favourite coffee table books below. Some of these I already own whilst others are currently part of my wish list.

Love, P

Beautiful and Stylish Coffee Table Books for your home


  1. Believe it or not, we don’t even have a coffee table. Our living room/dining room is so small there was no room when the kids were little. I think we could get one at this point, but I’m so used to not having one I think we would all find it “in the way.” I do love an arty pile of books on my bedside table or wide dresser. I’m such a bibliophile. My girls are now getting into reading, but my hubby doesn’t care for books.

  2. I am not such a big fan of coffee table books. I love looking at them in shops, or when I first get them, but then I feel they just gather dust in the home. And my SO Is crazy about them and has stacks of them all over the house -but we have no coffee table. I like that Pinterest can be the new minimalist coffee table books. #stayclassymama

  3. I love a good coffee table book, I used to have quite a few until it became clear the child was hell bent on using the coffee table to bring about his own demise!!! One day I;ll get them both back #stayclassymama

  4. I love a coffee table book – I used to have quite a selection. Colourful. Beautiful pictures. Now the coffee table is replaced by a play teepee and the only books I can see in the lounge have Peppa Pig and childrens characters on them! Inspiration though as we’re going to redesign our lounge. #StayClassyMamma

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