How to Create the Perfect Capsule Wardrobe for Work

Deciding what to wear to work every morning can be quite stressful when you are sleep deprived and have little ones needs and wants to juggle. I remember when I went back to work after having my son I would set my alarm way before he was due to wake up so that I could get myself ready before having to get him ready and fed and I also remember many days when all I wanted to do was wear my baggy jeans, t-shirt and trainers because I was so tired I just didn’t have the energy to get ready. Of course that wasn’t an option so the next best thing was to make getting dress for work a really simple and straightforward task.

So the key to being able to quickly and easily create a variety of looks is to choose a few key pieces to feature in your working wardrobe. Of course you could wear these whenever you want but you also know you can’t go wrong with them when it’s time to get dressed for work. You want to be able to create a variety of looks with a few pieces and the key to doing this is to choose classic silhouettes in versatile colours (neutral) that can be easily mixed and matched between them and with other items of clothing you already have in your wardrobe.

The Perfect Capsule Wardrobe for Work


capsule working wardrobe - blazer

It is definitely a must and it can be worn in an array of ways. I wear mine all the time, either with a pair of jeans or over a dress. The key to pick the perfect blazer is to make sure it fits your body well (shoulders, waist and length). It should be flattering and enhance your figure. If your job doesn’t allow you to wear jeans wear it over a nice dress, pair it with a skirt or a pair of chinos/trousers/colottes. You can’t go wrong really.



capsule working mum wardrobe - dress

Look for a classic, flattering cut in a work appropriate-fabric (wool, tweed, cotton blend, etc.). A stylish wrap dress or a shirt dress are an instant way to trow together a chic look for work. Keep the colour neutral so that it’s easier to bring the look together with accessories and shoes. You can totally transfer the way a dress looks just by changing the type of shoes and accessories you choose to wear with it. Easier is impossible!



capsule work warfrobe - trousers and stripy shirt

A shirt is a must in any work wardrobe. A good white button-down shirt will add a crisp look to your outfit but a nice stripy or satin shirt will also look super stylish and sleek.



capsule work wardrobe - trousers all black

A pair of versatile trousers is a great staple for your working wardrobe. I personally like my trouser to be just slightly cropped because i find it more elegant and flattering on me but really any trousers that fit you well will work. Also you could try some culottes. They are extremely versatile and very chic.


capsule work wardrobe - skirt

I would stay away from anything above the knee for work and I think that both a pencil skirt and a pleated skirt are good options. Again this depends on your body type and personal taste.


Comfortable & Stylish Shoes

capsule work wardrobe - block heels

To complete your work look you need some stylish shoes. I would go for a pair of gorgeous flat shoes and a pair of block heels. Ballet flats go with everything and are a great alternative to heels. You will literally be able to walk in this all day without any aches and pains. Alternatively go for a pair of block heels. Block heels provide better weight distribution than the classic stiletto and will add hight without being uncomfortable.


Love, P



Create a Stylish and Versatile Capsule wardrobe for work



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    1. LOL! I’m a SAHM too and often feel exactly the same way 🙂 To be honest I do get dressed using some of these most days anyway but I just combine them differently. Thank you for reading

  1. My work ‘uniform’ is either old tatty clothes and pray no one wants to talk to me in the school car-park, or “I wore these jeans yesterday, but they can do one more day before a wash” – I miss having a reason to wear nice clothes.

  2. YES! Such amazing style! Do you think it is too much to wear to my work? I’m a SAHM but I reckon I would rock it 😉 Makes me tempted to get a job X

  3. I really need a capsule wardrobe – so much stuff in there I should clear out if I ever get round to it. Some beautiful items here. You’ve inspired me to have a clear out! #stayclassymama

  4. I do to an office every day and I never look as classy as any of the women in these pics! I work in digital and everyone is pretty laid-back, so I tend to just wear a mostly clean top with black jeans and a cardigan and flats or boots. My work wardrobe could definitely do with a little TLC. #stayclassymama

  5. Those are some seriously beautiful pieces! Sadly I have to wear a very practical but unflattering uniform at work. Can you just create me a capsule for… like… every day?! Haha! #stayclassymama

  6. It’s when I read posts like this that I wish I didn’t work from home. There are some beautiful pieces there, thanks for sharinng #StayClassyMama x

  7. I do love a blazer, I have my eye on a beautiful coral one #StayClassyMama

  8. My capsule wardrobe is not very intentional and mostly cardi-based! In other words, I wear/wash most of the same things each week, then stick a cardio on. Ohhh dear! #stayclassymama

    1. I think that sounds great. Whatever works for you and makes your life easy I would say. I used to do that but instead of cardi with a blazer

  9. I am in major need of a shopping trip and most of my clothes are over 2 years old and look pretty baaaad! I love the skirt and while I don’t usually wear skirts, that would be a great one to have to hand. Thanks for hosting #stayclassymama xx

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