Week 54 #WorldOfLittles Round Up

#WorldOfLittles week 54

Welcome to #WorldOfLittles week 54 round up!

Thank you all that have joined so far for making #WorldOfLittles such a beautiful, supportive and welcoming community. #WorldOfLittles is packed with amazing photos and I love nothing more than to look through them every day. If you haven’t had a look around the gallery yet come on over.

For anyone new #WorldOfLittles is an Instagram community that I created due to my love of photography to celebrate childhood and share photos of our littles ones. Each week I will pick 2 of my favourite photos from my Instagram feed and 4 of my favourite photos from the community to feature here and on Instagram.

I will also be featuring an image from the gallery every Wednesday (instagram only) in addition to the weekly round-up. Everyone is welcome to join, you don’t have to be a blogger or have a fancy camera. Your camera phone is fine.

Favourite from my Feed

The beauty of you is as immense and mesmerising as the ocean 💙

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Featured Photos


I adore how well this photo captures the beauty of childhood innocence. Beautiful!


It’s almost like this little boy is inside the aquarium with that sea lion! Love it.

#RIPmilo the seal lion 😢

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I’m totally in love with this sky! Stunning.


What an amazing wall! Love how the red of the fishes matches the red of the little one’s jacket. Gorgeous.

I hope you check out all these amazing Instagram feeds and give them a follow!

I would love you to join our community. All you need to do is to please follow @whitecamellias on Instagram and use the hashtag every time you upload a picture of your lovely children to Instagram. And remember, you don’t have to be a blogger to join in. Everyone is welcome!

Here is last week’s #WorldOfLittles Round Up in case you missed it. See you next week for another #WorldOfLittles round-up.

Love, P

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